Product Introduction

Reflective Film

Reflective Film are coated with a micro-thin , partially transparent layer of metal and have a mirror like finish. They prevent visibility from outside (area of greater light intensity) during the day and vice-versa during the night.

Safety and Security Film

Safety & Security Films are thicker polyester films that are applied to glass with the primary purpose to reduce the impact from shattered glass during accidents or disasters. The product is also strengthened with specially formulated adhesive or thicker pressure sensitive adhesive coatings to increase adhesion to glass surfaces. The safety-films’ toughened glazing also provides greater deterrence during forced break-ins.

Tinted Film

Tinted Film are produced by using colored PET chips , which are embedded in film instead of color coating it on outside of the lower priced transparent films. Tinted Film has an outstanding light transmittance which can efficiently obstruct harsh glare of day and night .

IR Film

IR film help to prevent more than 99% harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays radiated from the sunlight and to save energy with keeping high Infrared ray rejection and visible light transmitted (40% ~ 70%). It is invisible heat shield film without disturb building’s appearance . IR film possess selective properties which maximizes total heat elimination. It gives highest heat rejection without the risk of interference to TPMS , GPS navigation cause by traditional metal base films.

Frosted Film

Frosted films are excellent for privacy , interior design and decorative touches enhancing the splendor of glass. These interior films are recommended for application to interior glass and to the inside surface of exterior glass. They add a designer touch on existing glass surfaces, without the expense of etching or replacing smooth glass with frosted glass. But be aware that you will not be able to see in or out of these films. They allow light to pass thru, but you will not be able to see objects thru this film in either direction.